Plastic projects development


Let us know your idea.


We can establish a model of your project or work from your own model.


We are taking care of the prototyping from the 3D model. We can also use a prototype mold to launch pre-production.

Mold design

Once the design of your product is validated, the definitive industrial mold will be made.


We produce the desired quantity of parts according to your specifications and in compliance with the applicable quality procedures.

Quality control

Strict controls are carried out on all our products and traceability is ensured.

Other operations

Additionally, we can carry out operations such as assembly, welding and product customization




Benefit from our expertise for the making of your molds. Use our means of production to manufacture your plastic parts.

On demand production

We provide on demand production with your molds.

Tryouts and pre-production

Our equipments and technical staff are at your disposal to determine the tools you need and to carry out tryouts and pre-production steps.

Why work with us ?

  • A single contact (mold making and molding)
  • Well-known expertise and know-how
  • Reactivity, flexbility
  • Wide range of machines and auxiliary equipments
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Your specifications will be delivered to our multidisciplinary R&D team.
Our reactivity, flexibility and knowledge are the guarantee to give you the best solutions.