MIP Industrie™

Co-designing and production of plastic parts (injection or extrusion)

MIP Industry, certified ISO 9001 will provide you skilled supports through the development of your projects of conception and production of plastic parts. Thanks to its research department (SolidWorks) and its industrialization and moulds assessment MIP department, MIP will guide along in the choice of materials, the design of the product while meeting with your specifications.


  • All kind of thermoplastic and TPE transforming et TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), overmolding
  • Assembly operations and pad printing
  • Ultrasound welding
  • Metallization, coloring
  • Insert overmoulding


  • Injection molding machine up to 400T
  • Optical tridimensional measuring machine and contact allowing control of packed pieces during production
  • Welding machine, sealing machine, film cutting machine, pad printing machine, thermosealing machine