Transformation of biobased and biodegradable bioplastics

Chip Card Tray made of PLA

Bioplastics are plastic made from renewable resources, often vegetal. Compared to regular plastics derived from hydrocarbons, bioplastics enable to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gas, particularly Co2.

For example, MIP Packaging transforms PA11 (derived from castor oil) as well as CA (derived from wood). MIP Packaging also transforms biosourced and biodegradable polymers such as PLA (derived from corn) and PHA (derived from the biological fermentation process).



Aware of our responsibility towards our environment, we perform a sorting and revalue the maximum of our plastic wastes : empty plastic bags in bales, used cardboard in bales , scrap metal , waste oil … 100% of our plastic wastes is recycled .

Environmental approach

We consume a minimum of water : the machine and mold cooling circuits are in closed circuit. Cooling machinery and molds is provided by thermoconvectors with air / water exchanges in order to obtain very high energy yields .